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Theory exam

At the Theory exam

is not just about insisting on them, but also about understanding the questions. This is advantageous because you have to use theoretical knowledge in the driving lessons. If you understand the theory you can save on driving hours and thus also money.

The examination may At the earliest one month before reaching the minimum age and is valid for two years. The questions are to be answered on the computer.

No examination of the basic theory must be taken by persons who already have a driving licence of categories A1, A, B1 or B.

Registration theory Examination

After the Application you will receive a login for the online registration for the theory exam.

After passing the basic theory test, the desired learner's permit is issued. It is a prerequisite for attending the Transport Studies and for motorcyclists in addition to visiting the Practical Basic Training.

Validity period or transferability

The examination expires after 2 years if the applicant does not already have the driver's license of another category, which requires the same examination.
If the holder applies for a valid learning ticket (e.g. cat. b) Another category (e.g. cat. A1), the test will be transferred to this category if it is not more than 2 years ago.



Possible languages for the theory test
The theory exams can be completed in German, French and Italian languages. The basic theory (car/motorbike) can also be completed in English.

Audit fees

  • General traffic theory/Theory Examination category F: Fr. 36. – (per test)
  • Working and Rest regulation Technical additional theory: Fr. 45. – (per test)
  • Theory examination category F/g: Fr. 25. –
  • Theory exam Moped: Fr. 25. –


Picture Saitostroitel'stva Zurich

At the Basic theory Examination 50 questions are to be solved (max. examination time 45 minutes). There is one or sometimes two correct answers to each question.
The test is considered passed if a maximum of 150 points reaches 135 (maximum error 15 points).

Exam Saturday

On the following Saturdays, the possibility exists at the Zurich-Albisgütli site to complete the basic theory for categories A, B or subcategories A1, B1:

Dates 2017:
7 January, 4 February, 4 March, April 1, May 6, June 10th,
July 1, September 2, October 7th, November 4, December 2

Start of the theory exams between 9:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. According to your invitation.

If you are interested in completing your theory examination on one of the possible Saturdays, please note this (date) on the corresponding registration for the theory exam, which you will receive from us after submitting the application for a learning ticket.

Please note that the Saturday exams will only take place in the Zurich-Albisgütli Road traffic office. There are no visitor parking spaces available and we are not able to provide any accompanying persons with any admission.

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